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Smart Card POS solution for Milk Sellers

Every house hold buys milk on daily basis and one of the main challenge is to handle the change(Khula Paisa in Hindi). People buys the milk from milk booths / diaries / from local shops. Some time they buys from Gaushalas.
These shopkeepers mainly provides cupons / tokens and each day people have to carry these tokens to buy the milk. Keeping safe these tokens is really a hurricane tasks.
To avoid these difficulties “BSD Infotech Pvt Ltd” has designed and developed a POS solution which works on the following
1. Touch based Point of Sale System
2. PC based Point of Sale System
3. Handheld Based Point of Sale System
By using the technology smartly, All the people who needs milk will carry a prepaid smart card . When they visit vendor place to take milk, they will swipe their smart card in machine and the machine will show the available balance amount . After showing the balance one need to enter the required amount of milk in KG and then the person delivering milk will provide the required milk to the card holder . The entry will be recorded in the system automatically.The amount can be reloaded in the card again.
With our system we have maid provisions that Shopkeeper can make transactions in cash as well as through the Smart card which is a debit card. Customer can get the card recharge of any value and can use the card as a debit card to purchase goods. At any time shopkeeper can have a track on total sales which can be further bifurcated in cash and debit card. He can get the report of recharge amount also.

Features of Club Management Software

A lot of clubs are running in various cities of India. With the technology growing day by day now most of the clubs are using systems to manage the club.

To decide for a good club management system one has to look what are the features your vendor is offering to you.

A good club management system should have the following features

  • Member Module
  • Bar Stock Module
  • Dispensing / Main Bar Module
  • Restaurant Module
  • Reception Module
  • Party Booking Module
  • HR Module
  • Web Module for online Payment
  • Room Booking Room
  • Sports management Module

The software must have the facility to run as a Point of Sale with Smart Card, Magnetic Strip Card, Bar coded Cards.

BSD infotech has designed and developed club management system. Please click here to download the broucher

BSD infotech has designed and developed club management system. Please click here to download the broucher

Password Risk Reduction Strategies Using Biometric Devices

Biometric technology reduces risk of data breaches and fraudulent activity. BSD Infotech provides solutions on digitalpersona-uru-4500-fingerprint-scanner and Futronic Scanners.

Every human being finger has a unique pattern and fingerprints can never be shared with any one. All application may it banking websites, ecommerece websites, corporate security mainly developed secure application with passwords. Passwords are highly vulnerable to theft because of human behavior. It has been figured out that there are risks associated with these password. Main risks are

Reuse : Humans use the same password at every where means a hacker only needs to succeed in one place to gain access to a range of others.

Complexity users naturally choose passwords that are easy to remember like 123456

Password reset: When users forget their passwords, they typically request a reset via email. Therefore, to attack any account, a hacker only needs to gain access to one account – the user’s email.

Shared: Passwords are readily shared. This can make it convenient for the requestor to share the password, but it tends to ruin audit logs and impede compliance, even when the users are trustworthy.
Hash attack: If a hacker can gain access to just one common website they can get the passwords of millions of people.

So the solution to all these problem is finger print authentication or bio metric solution.

To know more about finger print hardware and software solutions please visit http://www.bsdinfotech.com/biometric-fingerprint.asp

Use ACR 128 as an Alternate smart card reader for ACR 120

ACR 120 reader was a top contact less smart card reader but Acs has stopped its sale. All the users who used ACR 120 always think what is the alternate to that reader.

ACS launched a new reader name as ACR 128 which works both on 32 bit and 64 bit systems.

If you are facing any issue with ACR 128 please visit http://www.bsdinfotech.com/acr1281U-c1-dualboost-II-smartcard-reader-sdk.asp


Types of Point of Sale Systems

Point of sale or POS systems can be defined broadly into three categories

1. Desktop Based Point of Sale (POS)

2. Web based Point of Sale

3. Handheld terminal based point of sale

Desktop Based Point of Sale :- These are the systems where an application / EXE / executable install on the machine. Small restaurants / cafes / retail store use these type of Systems.

Web based Point of Sale:- This work on SAAS (Software as a service model). Where client pays a fixed fee each month and the license is user based.

Handheld terminals based: When it is impossible to keep PC every where people use handheld devices to do transactions. These small handheld terminals have inbuilt printer.

For hardware / software solutions please visit http://www.bsdinfotech.com/poshardware-software.asp

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